Connect-ITLS provides effective, helpful, and open communication to meet the interpreting and translation needs of our clients. We are seeking qualified interpreters.

Knowledge, Experience & Minimum Qualifications:

- High School diploma or GED. Interpreter training recommended.

-  At least 2 years of interpreting experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

-  Current valid driver’s license

-  Strong literacy and oral language competencies in both English and target language (e.g., Spanish, Hmong, etc.)

- Ability to follow the correct ethics for professional interpreters - objectivity, confidentiality, commitment, timeliness etc.

- Ensure appointments are kept and performed on time

-   Must pass an interpreter assessment test or show proof of proper qualifications

To apply: upload resume. If you are interested but do not meet all the above requirements, please provide your contact information as we will be offering interpreting training in the future.

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